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Sometimes conversations just get strange enough that you need to quote them on the internet. With some people that's all conversations. Here is one I felt the need to share.

Shakey Box says:
 I meant, anyone who rolls low INT will have 0 skill points.
 Or negative.

Redacted Snow says:
 "Well done, you're so dumb you're not even not a farmer, you're an actively bad farmer. You make things grow less by being around them, but you can't stop trying."

Shakey Box says:
 (2+INT)x3 would be very nice for a very low power level 0 character.
 All skills capped at 3.

Redacted Snow says:
 You know, when I tell people I have been discussing game concepts with you in the early hours, they panic and run away before I can even tell them what the game is.
 I tried to explain Alzheimer's: The Forgetting to Ku, but to no avail.

Shakey Box says:
 Why not?
 It seems very interesting.

Redacted Snow says:
 It's almost as if they expect this comination to produce very silly games
 We need better PR, clearly

Shakey Box says:
 Who would represent us?
 They'd need to listen first.

Redacted Snow says:
 Who does the Old Spice ads? I'd like to hire them to handle the publicity.

Shakey Box says:
 We'd have some sort of court action or somthing...
 Parents complaining about their children.
 Or whatever.

Redacted Snow says:
 But then it turns out the children are games. And the Judge is Leo. The lawyers are Luke and a giraffe.
 The giraffe sprouts afterburners
 It blows up Saturn.
 Then people would get it

Shakey Box says:
Oh, the person who had a vagina turned into a penis is dating a man dressed as a woman.

Redacted Snow says:
 This makes perfect sense.

Shakey Box says:

Redacted Snow says:
 Also I feel it should perhaps be our marketing slogan. That sentence you just said, that will be the corporate motto.

Shakey Box says:
 You do realise this will only make it harder on the Old Spice team.

Date: 2010-09-17 10:25 am (UTC)
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Oh, Simon *g*


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